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Sunshine investment group is a corporate Bureau which is transformed to a next higher level of group undertaking from spring board of sunshine construction plc. Sunshine investment group has its legal personality in 2012. It was followed by its mother company, Sunshine Construction PLC, which was established before 30 years in 1984.
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Sunshine Construction Plc is a company that was established in 1984 as a sole proprietorship and later in 1993 transformed into a private limited Company. After three decades of a successful engagement mainly in the construction sector,


Real Estate

The 30 years milestone career /from 1984-2013 G.C/ of Sunshine construction Plc has enabled to build a reliable capacity and exhibit practical excellence particularly in the construction of buildings, roads and real estate houses.


Hotel Development

Marriott-Sunshine cooperation began with the construction of a G+10 executive apartment.


Beauty Salon & Spa

Sunshine Beauty Center has grown to become the leading beauty and aesthetic center in the Capital.


News & Events

Landmark projects enable contractor to shine construction.more
We have already delivered a great number of villa resident houses and apartments to our clients. Another phase of apartments is on the verge of completion  View

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Address: Africa Avenue, Sunshine Building Ethiopia

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P.O.Box: 107,  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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