Take Social Responsibility;Educate

Sunshine Philanthropy Foundation

The idea of Sunshine Philanthropy Foundation emerged with the inception of his Excellency, president and founder of Sunshine Investment Group and Sunshine Construction Plc, Mr. Samuel Tafesse and his wife, Mrs. Fetlewok Elala, Sunshine Business Group PLC vice-president as well as their children.   As business and investment is a way of making life for the founding father and his family, Mr. Samuel and his families are actively involved in transformational social improvement social work particularly for people affected by HIV/AIDS and by its aftermath, beggary and other socioeconomic traumas.   In order to carry this transformational corporate social responsibility Sunshine Philanthropy Foundation is established under the civil societies and charity Agency of Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with registration number 1729 in 2009 as a non-governmental, non-religious, non-political and non-profit making organization committed to enhance lives of socially affected , orphan and venerable children, young adults as well as families.

Objective of the Foundation

We are dedicated to ensure our impact is seen well into the future. We aspire; inspire socially disadvantaged part of communities, children and young adults to start understanding their full potentials and self-reliance for academic achievements and social progress. Quality education, which is essential to real learning and human development, is influenced by factors both inside and outside the classroom, from the availability of proper supplies to the nature of a child’s home environment. In addition to enabling the transfer of knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in a profession and break the cycle of poverty, quality education plays a critical role in closing the social gaps created by poor accessibility to quality education.   As part of our social responsibilities and contribution, we have built three schools in different regions of Ethiopia. Through our schools we create educational opportunities for young adults and children of the local regions. Love and care is our prime objective for elderly people as well. The high number of HIV/AIDS related death in Ethiopia has orphaned a large number of children.   Grandparents are now raising these young children without proper income to support even themselves, let alone their grandchildren.   We are creating a home center that provides and supports the homeless elderly people in basic physical needs, emotional and spiritual assistance. We have a holistic approach to elderly care and we seek to promote collaboration among different groups so that together we can provide meaningful help for a positive outcome.   The mountain is enormous, the way up is laborious but, with Love, no mountain is too big to concur! We can make a difference and maintain a legacy..

Take Social Responsibility;Educate

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