Our Approach

Sunshine Construction Plc is a company that was established in 1984, as a sole proprietorship and later in 1993 transformed into a private limited Company. After three decades of a successful engagement mainly in the construction sector, it evolved into becoming the mother Company to the three autonomous businesses and our philanthropic entity.


“Seeing is Believeing”


Since its inception, the company has set its first target to reach to highest level of contractor’s category and diversify itself into various investment potentials and social responsibilities. The 30 years milestone career (from 1984-2014 G.C) of the company has enabled Sunshine Construction to build a reliable capacity and exhibit practical excellence mainly in the construction sector.

In the early years of its establishment, Sunshine Construction had started to engage itself in minor construction and water proofing works with less than ten employees. Since the establishment of Sunshine Construction PLC in 1984, the last 30 years have been marked by hard work, tough challenges & sweet successes. Sunshine construction has attained a prestigious role position at the helm of the sector and become a bloodline to the establishment of other businesses and philanthropic entities under Sunshine Investment Group.

With industry experience spanning three decades, the Company is a well-established player in the Construction industry. It has a proven track record in the Construction industry of building, road, bridges & real estate developments. Sustained hard work, efficient leadership and encouraging economic environment have enabled the company to build a reliable operational capacity and prove itself a dynamic force particularly in the construction sector & real estate developments.


Enduring lesson of experience of the company for the last 30 years has helped it dig its heels deeper in the industry and stretch itself into other businesses. The architect of the company is now the president & CEO of Sunshine Investment Group. Mr. Samuel Tafese has laid the groundwork for the company’s overall success & growth while the Vice President of the Group. Mrs. Fetlework Elala presides over the activities of Sunshine Beauty Salon and Laundry of the company. The total investment cost of Sunshine Construction PLC is estimated to be around 1 billion birr, equivalent to 50 million USD.

Vision of Sunshine Construction PLC

Become an internationally competent contractor and an active and leading actor in the Ethiopian economic landscape.

Real Estate

The 30 years milestone career from 1984-2014 G.C of Sunshine construction Plc has enabled to build a reliable capacity and exhibit practical excellence particularly in the construction of buildings, roads and real estate houses.



Sunshine Construction Plc’s mission is to:-

  • Play a significant role in the construction sector of roads, buildings, real estate bridges, railways…

  • Strengthen its organizational capacity by recruiting professionals who will have at it’s disposal advanced state of the art machineries.

  • Take an active part in the nation’s real estate development thus ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

  • Maintain & promote its share holding position in the businesses of Sunshine Investment Group

  • Undertake all construction projects of Sunshine Investment Group.

  • Promote all it’s construction activities primarily in the neighboring countries.

  • Share social responsibilities of the Group in line with targeting to improve the life of the destitute

  • Establishing joint ventures and investment share holding with various international companies with emphasis on construction related areas in the country as well as abroad.


The Current number of permanent employer by Educational background:-

  • Bachelor degree and above: 90

  • Diploma Graduates: 160

  • Certificate Graduate: 200

  • 12th Complete: 128

  • Below 12th: 250

  • Total: 5,000 Employees


The Current number of permanent employer by Educational background:-

  • Medical Scheme

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Social Security Fund

Capacity & Ownership

Sunshine Construction is a specialist construction and engineering company, with over 30 years of experience and an abundance of resources including over 5000 professional, technical and operational personnel. This combined with the computerized stores and state-of-the-art machineries and equipment’s have made Sunshine a leading, reliable construction partner in Ethiopia. No matter how complex and challenging a project is or how remote its location, Sunshine Construction can handle it. That’s because we bring an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience, up-to-the-minute machineries and equipment along with customer commitment to every job.

Current Capital & Assets Sunshine Construction PLC

  • Building Main 60,000,000 Birr

  • Kality Workshop 25,000,000 Birr

  • Earth Moving Machineries 255,000,000 Birr

  • Other Construction Equipment 180,000,000 Birr

  • Motor Vehicles 250,000,000 Birr

  • Office Furniture 15,250,000 Birr

  • Dukem 1 Workshop 58,000,000 Birr

  • Construction Tools 4,500,000 Birr

  • Computer & Accessories 5,200,000 Birr

  • Dukem 2 Workshop 80,000,000 Birr